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Welcome to the Perdido Bay CrossFit Family! For those who realize that HEALTH AND FITNESS are the true keys to happiness and the fountain of youth. It is our philosophy with CrossFit that any person seeking better health and/or fitness; regardless of age, aliments, stress or any other limitations, can exceed their fitness goals. You only need to walk through our door and we will be there for you. We pride ourselves in keeping it classy by ensuring that we keep our classes small; although, our PBCF Family continues to grow every single day with more folks just like you.

All you need is 1 hour

Busy schedule? Our total-body workout paired with the proven science of Crossfit exercises ensures that you will maximize your 60-minutes in the gym.


Ever go into the gym and not know what to do first? Our professional coaches guide you and tailor the workout to help you meet your goals.

Go at your own pace

Choose to walk, jog, run, bike or stride. Every workout produces results based on your unique abilities.


options no matter what

Recovering from an injury or orthopedic issue and need special guidance? Just tell your coach! We have options for every exercise.

Variety for everyone

We switch up the workout every day, so not only will you continue to challenge and change your body, you’ll always have  fun!!


We’re not all work and no play! We have events, challenges, socials, and more. You’ll reach milestones and cross finish lines with cheers from your peers.

How It Works


Book your first class with one of our friendly and knowledgable coaches.


Tour our facility, review your fitness history, create a plan with your coach and experience a CrossFit workout


Now you have a community “to support you in your fitness journey!

What our members are saying

I really feel so great with how I did this month! I fell off the wagon this weekend, but I still tried to make good choices (with moderation). Overall I lost 14.9 lbs! And about 5 inches overall. Not a bad month.


When it comes time to train for local competitions Randy tailors workouts to make sure we are prepared. Personally, I have competed in six local competitions since joining PBCF; a mix of team, individual, Rx and scaled and I have loved every one of them. In addition, thanks to all of our hard work, I was even on the podium a few times! Regardless of performance, each competition was an incredible experience. It was so much fun working with teammates and seeing the PBCF family come together to support each other. However, what I love most is that you will never see a PBCF competitor walk off the competition floor without cheering until the last person has finished and I think that speaks a lot more to the benefits of the program than podium finishes or medals. The community and friendship built, not just in comp class, but PBCF as a whole is really what makes this gym unique and keeps people coming back. Plain and simple, it’s just good people with a shared passion for fitness, guided by one great coach.


He also got to know each and every one of his competitor athletes and what makes each one of us tick. For example, I am a very “mental” athlete, Randy was able to tell when I was getting in my head and more than likely knew even before I did when I was going to fail on a lift or struggle in a workout. Having a coach who truly knows their athletes and how to help them become better and reach their goals is what you should be looking for in a coach and Randy is one of those few and far in between coaches. I am glad I had the pleasure of him being my coach for as long as I did because I made so many improvements in all aspects of my Crossfit journey and I have Randy to thank for that.


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700 Giese Lane, Unit B
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